Monday, August 4, 2014

Ironman-I am my own Super Hero

One week ago I did something that I never would have dreamed of doing in my lifetime.  I registered for my very first Ironman.  Wait, What? What did I just do......

Those were the thoughts going through my head just a few minutes after clicking the SUBMIT button.
 I'm excited, no I think I'm gonna be sick, no this is awesome, I can do this...I think I can???

I can, and I will!  Because this event isn't about winning (well not for me anyway) it's about a journey- a journey molded by tragic events, life embracing moments and one very inspirational conversation.   My daughter said to me just minutes after making the decision, "Mommy you can do this, I know you can".

So with the help of Chris, I will train my ass off for the next year for the event of a lifetime,  which will commence on July 26, 2015.

 Yep, I am my own Super is every Ironman participant- past, present and future.

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