Friday, January 17, 2014

Fit Clinic recap.

Fit Clinic with Ironman Coach Kristen Hislop
a big success!

We had planning a Fit Clinic for some time now. Local Ironman Coach Kristen Hislop was our fit subject as we evaluated her comfort and power on the bike and watched improvements as we adjusted her fit.
Kristen has been fit/looked at by three other fitters in and around the area over the years and still is having some problems.  Injury and your overall fitness play a huge roll in ones current bike fit.  Kristen has had her fair share of injuries for sure, but some of the issues we discussed didn't really stem from injuries.

Points of Contact
The three critical points of contact in a bike fit are the foot/shoe/pedal interface, saddle and hands.  These are the points at which every rider contacts their bike.  They are also the most common points of pain and complaint among any cyclist out there.  Kristen made it known that her saddle was uncomfortable (and it was the third one she had been on), the feeling of reaching too far for her handlebars and the presence of some shoulder discomfort.

What I had noticed during the flexibility assessment was Kristen's hips being uneven and some leg length discrepancy.  A stress fracture in her left leg put her in a boot for 14 weeks last year and caused a bit of muscle atrophy.  On the bike, as she was positioned, Kristen was producing 40% of her total power with the left leg and a whopping 60% of her total power with the right leg. She also displayed some shrugging of her shoulders, knee movement and rocking of the hips while pedaling.

Amazing Motion Capture
We shot some video quickly and analysed it to demonstrate what the software can do.  The technology coupled with a good eye for fit can do some pretty amazing things for the cyclist.  Using our SICI Fit Cycle, I made two adjustments to Kristen;s fit right off the bat.  First was the crank arm length to quiet the knees and hips down while pedaling.  Second was the saddle itself.  Kristen had expressed some nose pressure and discomfort.  I chose to put a new saddle on for her to see what we came up with.

The results were pretty astonishing.  No more rocking, shoulders and neck were no longer tense, back flattened out and pelvis rotated forward.  A couple more things can be done to help Kristen out, but with these vital adjustments we balanced the power distribution in her legs: After the fit - Left leg 49% of total power production and Right leg 51% of total power production.

Simply amazing!  I guess we will have to continue this fit with more adjustments!

Take a look at this annual fit membership we discussed at the fit clinic presentation.

Our Fit Clinic was very well attended on January 10th, 2014.  We were fortunate to have great sponsors come aboard to help out.  Chatham Brewing brought beverages for tasting,  99restaurant supplied the great food and Starbucks caffeinated everyone.

A run down of brief injury history, we then touched on flexibility assessment and foot assessment of Kristen.  Final small adjustments of Dartfish motion capture software.
Attendees previewing SpinScan before fit adjustments.  A couple of minor adjustments later, we have a significant change in power output and comfort. 
Thank you for all that came to the clinic and made it a success.  A very big thank you to our sponsors Chatham Brewing, Starbucks and Hislop Coaching.  See you at the next clinic coming soon.

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