Sunday, November 20, 2016

The top ten reasons to elevate your training.

elevate your performance, and power train with Elevate Cycles this winter.
Hint: one of the reasons is beer.

1. No more starting over from scratch in the springtime!

Our outdoor season is one of the shortest in the country. If you spend all "off season" off of your bike you're never going to get any faster year to year, because you're going to spend the first half of the outdoor season playing catch up with your fitness. Instead, hit the road when the snow melts stronger than you've ever been before.

2. Because you already signed up for that big event, and now the countdown is on!

If you're trying to accomplish something you've never done before, you need to train in a way you've never trained before. Training at Elevate Cycles is individualized for each athlete's specific goals.

3. The opportunity to train on some of the most advanced, comprehensive technology available!

Come on, do you really think that spinning for endless hours on a magnetic or fluid trainer is really giving you a road-realistic training session? Make your time in the saddle count for more with electronically controlled power trainers with both power meters and load generators.

4. Train on your own bike!

There is no such thing as one size fits all, and there is no spin bike that is going to fit you the same way that your own bike does. Train on the same exact machine you'll be riding and racing on when you get outside in the spring.

5. This training studio!

Top of the line trainers and cyclocomputers, two giant screens, a great sound system, and enough storage space for your bike for the winter.

6. Store your bike for free!

No more loading up your bike on a rack and your trainer in the trunk to drive through the snow and show up at training with a snow covered frozen bike-cicle on the back of your car and lug it in through a slushy parking lot. Show up to the studio to find your bike ready for you, clean and dry, with your computer set up and your tires pumped. Every time.

7. Data, data, data!

The extent of the metrics we track and analyze for each athlete at Elevate Cycles is immense. Get more feedback from your training than ever before. Track specific, quantitative progress over the course of your off season to see precisely how much stronger you're getting. No guess work. We also use all of this data to custom tailor the zones you work in for each training session.

8. Train with like minded, motivated athletes!

Elevate Cycles power training is for anyone and everyone who enjoys riding and wants to be the best cyclist they can be. But it has also been a driving force behind countless PRs, podiums, ironman finish line moments, national and world championship qualifying results - and it can push you to the next level as well.

9. Beer!

Guys at the end of the day this is still Elevate Cycles, so yeah, there's going to be beer. I mean come on. We just prefer that you wait until after training to partake..most of the time. And, I mean, you burned how many calories? You earned it.

10. Workouts professionally designed for progress and proven time and time again!

No more wondering if the mind-numbing hours you've spent on your trainer in front of your tv during the winter are really keeping your fitness where it needs to be. These sessions work. You're going to know they work. You're going to feel it in your legs and your chest, and you're going to see it in the data collected that's going to show you exactly the gains that are coming from the pain.

Secure your spot. Sign up today - and Elevate your performance.

Monday, October 17, 2016


I always run out of it, day after day.

Confronting myself with the fact that I seem to manage time very poorly and want to be better at it. Here we sit, another day that I say to myself that I will be better about blog entries, social media posts, returning emails, making phone calls and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones.

I will be better! 

With that said, WOW have we been busy over the past year.  With the move and the decision to downsize and stay in the game (what else would I do), things have been good!  Not gonna lie, if anyone out there says its easy and business is through the roof, they are the biggest BS artist out there. Bicycle retail is difficult and going to become even more difficult. Bike companies will allow you to purchase direct and in some cases even ship direct to your home.
Good for them! Less inventory we have to stock. We have embraced this model to the fullest. All our bikes are special order now.

Fit First.

With this model of fitting a customer first, there is no trying to sell them what we have in stock. We get exactly what is going to work for them in the correct size. Not just something we had in stock and jam down their throat because we need to unload it.

So there it is. A quick entry get things started for the journey of Elevate Cycles managing time better and keeping things up to date.