Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cross Season?

Is Cross Season really upon us?  Where did the summer go?  Since the last post (which was too long ago), the weather really did not get much better.  The cold rain went straight to extremely hot and humid.  There was a couple of weeks that were absolutely amazing where we had some great rides.  That was about it!

Now we are starting CycloCross season and couldn't have asked for better weather..  A bit sloppy at times in the trails with nice cool nights.  So I sit with a neck brace on while writing this.  Pinched nerve flared up!  I hope this doesn't last long.  One can only hope that this will pass so I can get back on the bike and have a better race at Spa Cross on October 20th.  On top of that,  I need to ride to keep my sanity.

Since we are on the subject of racing.  There is quite a bit going on in the area.  NYCROSS is having a weekly Thursday night grass crit series.  HRRT is having Tuesday night Mtn. series in Central Park Schenectady with only a couple of nights left.

Elevate Cycles and Saratoga Cycling Club group riders brought back the Thursday Night Malta Crit loop. Last week was the first night and we had a good turn out.  Thanks to Eric F. for bringing this long tradition back.

Hope to see you out there.

Thank you for all the support.