Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cycling Analysis

Cycling Analysis.  

What is that? 

It's analyzing clients position on their bike, squeaking out more power while producing a more efficient position for them. Testing all of our clients FTP (functional threshold power) to lead them down a path of gaining power output on the bike. And there is no better time to fix on the bike issues than now. 

With twenty years of fit experience and cycling knowledge available to my clients; apprenticed under the best Cycling Analysis Professionals in the business, Elevate Cycles offers our the highest level of knowledge and experience in the region.   

Using the SICI fit cycle and Dartfish Motion Capture for Dynamic fitting process. 

It's a 2D system. We use two camera angles with our motion capture system (side and front camera angles). Even the Retul system that claims to be 3D is actually 2D .  In order to achieve a true 3D bicycle fit, you must have at least 10 cameras.  With that number of cameras, you achieve data like the photo below. 

This data would be the same that would be captured for animation in Pixar studio.
With all the tools out there that one can purchase (for the right amount of money), anyone can set up a very nice studio.  Question is, does that "Master Bike Fitter" have the eye for it?  

Fancy tools and computers aren't going to fix a problem if you cannot see it. The risk of using these tools is that the fitter becomes dependent upon the computer generated angles to determine the end position. Fitting is more than computers and camera's.

That's why we do not bury ourselves in the computer when with clients.  It is not going to tell us how to fix what is being recorded. Nor does it ask the client the right questions to fix what they feel.  There is no better tool than one on one, hands on interaction with each client.  This ongoing dialogue between the fitter and client create the most reliable end results.

We have learned from the best bicycle fitters in the cycling world-and with that knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on giving client's the best fit in the Region.   

Client referrals are the best gauge for the ability of a bike fit specialist.  

Elevate Cycles introduced "Elevate Ride Club Pro" last year. Our Fit process is far and above what anyone offers in the area. 

Follow the link to our Fit Page. Annual fee with doors always open for questions and adjustments to fit on bike.  No better time than now to work on any fit issues to be ready for spring. More to come!

Thank you for the use of the picture "Faster". 

Our main tool for fit analysis along with Dartfish motion and SpinScan.

Three different SpinScan outputs shows the difference between levels of experience.

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