Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Find the Swine

Elevate Cycles would like to introduce our new contest

Find the Swine.

The Elevate Swine will be located in random places and it is your job to find it to win prizes.

How it works:

Elevate Cycles will place the Swine in different locations and give you clues to the swines whereabouts via our Facebook page.  Stop in the store to sign up and receive your alphabet tag. We will document your contact information and assign a tag to you.

Then you must ride to "Find the Swine".  Once you find him, place your tag inside and take a selfie with the Swine and your bike. Post your selfie to our Facebook page.

Once that contests time is up, we will collect the Swine and draw a letter. If the letter drawn is yours, you win the prize for that week. 

The first drawing is for an Elevate water bottle, 4 pack of tubes and an Elevate T-shirt.

Stop in to pick up your alphabet tag and let the games begin.  

A few pictures of the Swine so you know what to look for.

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Good luck. Have fun. Ride on!

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